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Combining the experience of our advisors, we support your business in decision-making and strategy.

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We provide cutting edge branding for UTCs, Universities and Colleges, enhancing differentiation in the education sector.

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Meet our consultants at one of our workshops and get insights in how to effectively run and expand your business.

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Focus areas:

What is brand awareness and how to build momentum.
Online marketing channels and cross platform campaigns.
CRM: What is it and how to use it to generate leads and grow your business.
KPIs and Analytics: How to maximise the use of web analytics in monitoring business and marketing performance.
What is SEO and how to take advantage of organic exposure.
Campaing cost management and how to maxmise the use of free resources.
Event management: from operations to target audience and conversion.
Our tech consultancy and mentoring revolves around:
  • Startup tech development.
  • Tech solutions consultancy.
  • Technology problem solving.
  • Startup technology selection and guidance.
  • Technology upgrade and scalability.
  • Humar Resources in a tech company
  • What to look for when you hire a CTO
  • Business plan building: defining the target market, USP and competitor analysis.
    Public speaking and pitch training for competitions: shaping your message and persuasiveness.
    Confidence and personal development.
    Progress monitoring.
    Cost and Resource management: from team building to budgeting.
    Digital representation.
    Rhino & Grasshopper.
    Adobe Suite.
    3D Printing, Laser Cutting, CNC machining, Large Format Printing.

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