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New Entrepreneurs

  • Designed to support entrepreneurial individuals.
  • One to one meetings.
  • Goal setting and execution.
  • Progress check and timeline.
  • Research and external support from partners.

Startup Consultancy

  • Designed to support startups.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly meetings.
  • Fundraising preparation.
  • Goal setting and execution.
  • Research and support from partners.

Education Consultancy

  • Designed to support educational institutions.
  • Enhancing student and alumni engagement.
  • Maximising the strategic use of exsiting resources.
  • Project management guidance.
  • *Minimum 1 day / week*

4 FREE consultancy meetings


DGL Group is working in partnership with Training Business for Growth and The London Training and Employment Network having access to ERDF Funding.

The European Regional Development Fund focuses on individuals and SMEs within the London area.

ERDF - DGL Group

What does it mean?

Eligible potential entrepreneurs and startups can apply and receive FREE consultancy and research support from DGL Group and its partners.


  • Have a business idea and looking for support.
  • EU or British citizenship.
  • Living in London (within a London Borough).
  • Have a National Insurance Number.
  • *ID and proof of address required at first meeting.
  • Have a registered business.
  • Trading for less than 3.5 years (42 months)
  • Registered within a London Borough.
  • Meeting the criterias of an SME:
  • The company employs fewer than 250 persons.
  • Its annual turnover is below £45m.
  • Its balance sheet is below £39m.
  • Its business is not a subsidiary and / or under the control of a large non-SME entity.

  • How to apply?

  • Submit the form on the website.
  • Answer the questions in the chat box.

  • Application form

    Building legacy together

    If you or your business meet the above criteria you can request a consultancy session with one of our advisors.

    Focus areas:

    What is brand awareness and how to build momentum.
    Online marketing channels and cross platform campaigns.
    CRM: What is it and how to use it to generate leads and grow your business.
    KPIs and Analytics: How to maximise the use of web analytics in monitoring business and marketing performance.
    What is SEO and how to take advantage of organic exposure.
    Campaign cost management and how to maxmise the use of free resources.
    Event management: from operations to target audience and conversion.
    Our tech consultancy and mentoring revolves around:
  • Startup tech development.
  • Tech solutions consultancy.
  • Technology problem solving.
  • Startup technology selection and guidance.
  • Technology upgrade and scalability.
  • Humar Resources in a tech company
  • What to look for when you hire a CTO
  • Business plan building: defining the target market, USP and competitor analysis.
    Public speaking and pitch training for competitions: shaping your message and persuasiveness.
    Confidence and personal development.
    Progress monitoring.
    Cost and Resource management: from team building to budgeting.
    Digital representation.
    Rhino & Grasshopper.
    Adobe Suite.
    3D Printing, Laser Cutting, CNC machining, Large Format Printing.



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