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Startup strategy - Breakfast with entrepreneurs


Dennis G. Lucan and Slava Baranovskiy organised an entrepreneurial breakfast on Saturday 9th June between 10am and 12pm.

The group discussed about startup strategy and the importance of short term planning to the long term strategy. The discussion focused on ways of increasing sales by setting targets and incentive packages for employees. The aim of the breakfast was to help startup founders identify their business and personal priorities and create an execution plan.

Aspects covered:

  • Short term strategy
  • Long term strategy
  • Sales and market penetration
  • Employee incentives
  • European market
  • Startup scalability

  • Key insights:

    Florence Cherruault (Founder of The Pickle House)
    As a way of increasing sales, companies should aim for a quarterly basis approach and then divide the goal into monthly targets.

    Slava Baranovskiy (Founder of ELIGENT SYSTEM)
    Make your short term strategy part of the long term strategy, logical and easy to follow.

    Dennis G. Lucan (Founder of DGL Group)
    Sometimes the daily tasks do not make sense without being part of the bigger picture. From time to time, remember to pause and think about the overall direction of the business.

    Polina Alexandrova (Entrepreneur)
    Breakdown long term strategy into smaller achievable steps and track the progress along the way. The tasks must be timebound and have deadlines.

    Vadim Rusin (International markets expansion)
    If you have a long term strategy, you must have an implementation plan with specific actions. You need to setup KPIs to track progress which then blends into a balanced score card.

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