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Marie Henry - Breadline London

"Supporting families to rise"


Support London families to raise themselves out of the cycle of poverty and hardship to develop a more manageable and sustainable lifestyle. Through Budgeting, Healthy eating, financial education and the creation of Micro-business, families can start to develop their own opportunities.


Thousands of families across London survive on their oldest child's child benefit, which is a mere £20.70 per week.
Could you feed your family for £20.70 per week?

About Breadline London

Our purpose is to support local families who are struggling to make ends meet raise themselves out of the cycle of hardship and poverty, build confidence and develop a more financially sustainable lifestyle.
Our service is a mixture of family events, educational training, workshops, practical skills, Micro-business development and opportunities.
Unlike other support projects we support families to develop knowledge and skills so they can eat every day, not just today, We aim to have all our partners within walking distance of our project so families save much needed funds.
Through the work we do families will be encouraged to reduce or end their dependency on benefits thus building independence saving the state thousands.


The reduction of poverty, financial hardship and unemployment, the development of disadvantaged areas and improve the lives of its families and their communities.
The promotion and advancement of health and wellbeing and financially stable living.
The promotion and advancement of community cohesion and partnership development.
Advancing the knowledge, training, education and skills of the communities in subjects relating to budgeting, financial education, healthy eating & living, micro business development and any other activity that will support the development of the community.


Marie Henry - Breadline London
Marie - Founder
Developing training programs, family events that support families to build knowledge, skills and confidence to raise themselves and their families to a more sustainable lifestyle.
Khy - Breadline London
Supporting families to develop their knowledge in financial education, take control of their finances and become more financially stable.


We are looking for volunteers and supporters to help us build and develop our network to offer support and encouragement to more families in our community.
Partners/sponsors/volunteers needed for:
Digital/graphic design – To support in the development of logos web design and other marketing material.
Marketing & promotion — Helping us to get the word out to other families about our events, projects & workshops.
Fundraising – Finding and completing funding applications so we can offer more projects and workshops to families.
Event support - Helping to organise, plan and manage events, this could be with stalls, workshop resources, ushering registration and more.
Social media — Keeping up to date with Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

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