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Dennis G. Lucan and Slava Baranovskiy organised an entrepreneurial breakfast on Saturday 11th August between 10am and 12pm.

The breakfasts with entrepreneurs organised by the Marylebone Entrepreneurial Club are becoming more and more pupular. The last breakfast saw the group of entrepreneurs discussing about productivity and the way they approach the topic within their companies. The discussiong revolved around the difficulties raised by the holiday period for an SME and ways in which the business manages to remain focused whilst facing challenges in reaching key people that are on holiday. The aim of the meeting was to brainstorm ideas to avoid delays in the short and medium term goals due to tasks having to be postponed.

Aspects covered:

  • Prioritising techniques
  • Task management
  • Online tools for task management
  • Time management
  • Productivity enhancement techniques
  • Teamwork

  • Key insights:

    Slava Baranovskiy (Founder of ELIGENT SYSTEM)
    Try to define small tasks with a big impact on your business.

    Clive Stevens
    Focus your time on important tasks and use tools to enhance productivity, such as task management tools.

    Aliona Sladzinskaya
    Understand the market before you attempt to join it.

    Zeeshan Zaman
    Time management is key. Split up the day and the tasks whilst being consistent with your schedule. Your aim should be to create a pattern.

    Dennis G. Lucan (Founder of DGL Group)
    Identify whether or not you are more productive working on your own or accompanied by others. Once you find out, tailor your work schedule to the new arrangement.

    Rebeca Fernandez
    Maintain the momentum and work in partnership with others.

    Boris Rykov
    Having an in-house CTO would improve the motivation of the people developing the product.

    Wendy Zhou
    Problem solving is enhanced by the speed at which decisions are made. Be optimistic about the future of the business.

    Jackie Green
    Spend time and prioritise what is urgent.

    Jayati Sareen
    Believe in yourself and in your product and identify what is crucial for the optimal functioning of business.

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