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Saturday 11 August 2018 | 6pm

Startup team building - DGL Group
Are you looking for a co-founder?
Are you finding team building difficult?
Are you struggling to find the right people to work with?

Part of our events series, we are sharing personal insights about how to find the right co-founder for your startup. What should you look for when you build a team, where to find potential candidates and how to make your teamwork efficient.


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Main topics covered:

1. Analysis of your teamwork and personal skills:
  • Evaluate your previous teamwork experience.
  • Identifying your business needs.
  • Create the profile of the right candidate for your startup.

  • 2. How to find the right people:
  • Where to find them.
  • First conversation structure.
  • Next steps.
  • Aligning your values and vision.
  • Creating a common road map (trial period).
  • Making the final decision.

  • 3. Making your teamwork efficient:
  • Incentives (Salary / Equity / Rewards / Bonuses).
  • Sharing responsibilities and tasks delegation.
  • KPI tracking and performance analysis.
  • Teamwork challenges / issues and problem solving.
  • Team exit strategy.

  • 4. Other types of teamwork:
  • Family / Relationship
  • Mentors
  • Advisors
  • Partners
  • Investors

  • Who is running the workshop?

    Slava Baranovskiy

    Creative entrepreneur, tech startup founder, film director/producer and Entrepreneur in Residence of Westminster Business School with a strong business and tech background.
    Read more about him on his website.

    Dennis G. Lucan

    Awarded entrepreneur in national and international business competitions, business consultant with experience in marketing, growth, project management and corporate communications.
    Read more about him on his website.