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Is it really possible?

Article by Slava Baranovskiy - DGL Group

Dec, 2017

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Balanced life for an entrepreneur: Is it really possible?

| 5 December, 2017

Hundreds of articles give tips and advice on how to keep balance in your life. In reality, there is no balance in life of an entrepreneur. If you want to create and run an exceptional business, it’s already unbalanced state. However, how can you achieve success as an entrepreneur and make sure to keep and eye on other sides of your life? Here are a few tips:

One thing at a time

Even if entrepreneurship is a 24/7 job, try to focus and do just one thing at the same time. If you are working, avoid distraction by something else. If you have a day-off, try to relax and not to think about upcoming projects and tasks. Keeping all responsibilities in mind doesn’t help you to get enough rest and recuperate.

Share and delegate

Everyone certainly needs time for work and for rest. If you feel that your workload is too heavy and you lack time - outsource and delegate some tasks to your colleagues and assistants. Try to do only the work that other people cannot do.

Focus on priorities

If you want to do everything and to be everywhere, it’s not possible. Try to prioritise what the main focuses of your life are for the moment and nearest future and try to concentrate on them. Your top priorities should take 80% of your concentration in overall, the rest is 20%. Trying to distribute your efforts between each side of your life equally will never bring exceptional results - all of them will turn out pretty average. It’s very helpful to create a roadmap graph where you can put all the milestones you want to achieve for the next year covering all sides of your life. Review your priorities at least each month and update your plans.

Your health is priority number one

None of any ambitious entrepreneurial goals are more important than your health. Make sure you have enough sleep, food and sport. Every time you forget to eat or sleep, try to think that everything you do is only valuable if you are healthy. Keep it in mind.


Some of entrepreneurs might think that relationship is too distracting for their goals. Seriously, I’ve been asked many times 'what if it’s not the right time for now to have relationship?'. Well, It really depends on your relationship - if you love someone, you have common values, interests and you support each other - such relationship is a great part of your life. Imagine you have achieved everything you ever dreamt of but there is nobody to share it with? Pretty sad, isn’t it? At the same time, don’t try to manage building your relationship and your startup at the same time - it won’t work. Make it one by one. At the same time, relationship isn’t something we can plan as business, so if you met someone you really love - go with it.

Work less, but smarter

In reality working hard isn’t equal to working productively. Try to save your time and to work less but more efficiently. Let’s say you earn £10/hour. And in order to earn more you want to work 10 hours instead of 8. Good strategy? Not really. How about working 4 hours for £20/hour. Or 2 hours for £40. Sounds better. However, rising up your hour rate can’t be based just on your wish to earn more. The value of your work should be increased for your employer/customers as well. But your outcome from work isn’t only about the money you earn. To work smarter sometimes just means to get most valuable experience you might need in future, even if you work for free. What first seemed free work one day may turn into successful business? Try to see your work from different angles - money, level of satisfaction, experience, importance for the future and others.

Balance is state of mind, not state of life

'Balanced life' is really an individual definition because often what you consider balance for you can be a complete mess for others. However, it’s pretty easy to define if your life is ‘balanced’ or not. As soon as you can say that you’re happy, you like your every day of life, you feel awake, healthy and optimistic, it definitely sounds as ‘balanced’.

Giving back

Balance is not only about your mind, but also about taking and giving from/to others. Make sure you are not only taking from others, but you are also ready to help when it’s necessary. The reason why it’s important based on fact that we also need support by others. The more you give, the more you get.